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“I am a 40 year old Mum of three. I have been training with Frank for over 12 months now. When I started I found it to be different to every kind of exercise I have ever done. Though it was not easy to start with, it has been the only place to keep my interest and want for change. I had tried gyms and other programs but I found the functional training and variety was awesome. I have found Frank to be a wonderful trainer. He not only supports and gets excited with you when you achieve a goal he is very good at teaching technique and control so you can learn about your body as you train. My body has NEVER been so strong or fit and I have Frank to thank for my huge transformation!!”

Leigh Parlby

Whether you want to get fit because:

    • you want to succeed at that next physical goal;
    • you’re able to do what you love without getting puffed as quick;
    • you want to get of of your comfort zone;
    • you’re ready to take your training to the next level;
    • or many other reasons for getting fit that I have helped people with.

Frank and haley SUPing

I can help you.

I work with you through:
Listening to what is going on for you in order to help you with strategies to change that;

Lifestyle assessment – how did you get to this point; what are your lifestyle goals; manage expectations to give you the best possible solution to your problem; what is important to you;
Movement assessment – Observe, analyze and correct movement patterns for your body;
A realistic, tailored program for Exercise programming;

Support and guidance physically and mentally plus emotionally and at a soul level because each are
connected to how you treat yourself;

Intuitively knowing what you need to guide you to your outcomes faster.
I can work with you one on one, in small groups (up to 6 people) or in large groups (6 to 15 people) depending on your goals, needs and budget.

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