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‘As one of your clients we can both be assured that I am no page 4 model but I do have more energy to play with my 6 year old daughter and she loves me more than she would any model. That’s what matters to me. Keep it coming.’ Trevor Laughton

Trevor and Jemma Laughton

Trevor and Jemma living life.

Whether you want to more energy to:

    • keep up with the kids on the bike, in the park or on the beach;
    • be focused and alert at work;
    • get up in the morning ready to take the day on;
    • reduce stress and lack of balance in your life;
    • or many other reasons for wanting more energy that I have helped people with,

“I came to Frank overweight, with high glucose, high cholesterol, poor posture, tired and stressed from poor life decisions I’d made.

Over the course of a year, Frank helped me achieve my goals through professional fitness training, motivation, nutritional direction and stress relief techniques.
I managed to lose over 15kg, gained core body strength and muscle, lost fat and reduced my glucose, cholesterol and stress to normal levels.
The biggest benefit has been to daily life and my relationship with my energetic toddler. I am able to keep up with his pace, enjoy playing and my body no longer feels tired or in pain after sitting at a desk all day. I would highly recommend Frank for his holistic approach to health and fitness and he has given me essential skills to continuously improve my wellbeing” Scott

I can help you.

I work with you through:
Listening to what is going on for you in order to help you with strategies to change that;

Lifestyle assessment – how did you get to this point; what are your lifestyle goals; manage expectations to give you the best possible solution to your problem; what is important to you;
Movement assessment – Observe, analyze and correct movement patterns for your body;
A realistic, tailored program for Exercise programming;

Support and guidance physically and mentally plus emotionally and at a soul level because each are
connected to how you treat yourself;

Intuitively knowing what you need to guide you to your outcomes faster.
I can work with you one on one, in small groups (up to 6 people) or in large groups (6 to 15 people) depending on your goals, needs and budget.

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