Live Without Pain - TYLAPT

In 2011 I strained my shoulder playing (throwing) my godson in the pool. Thinking nothing of it things got progressively worse over the next 18 months to the point my shoulder was waking me up at night, aching at my desk, even hurting when I ran. I finally decided to do something was when I could no longer play with my children or pick up my 20kg 6year old daughter and put her in bed! Going to the physio I was given the usual array of band exercises and treatments but no real change.

I met Frank by chance in the gym when he gave me a spot as I struggled with a bench press. From there Frank diagnosed my cuff injury (same as the physio) and proceeded to instruct on how to stretch and develop the muscles in my back to put my shoulder in the correct position. 3 months movement and strength was returning as well as my family lifestyle and being able to play with my kids. After 6 months I could pick my daughter up and put her in her bunk bed.



Whether your pain is generated from your shoulders, back, hips, or knees it is not a normal state of being that you just live with, time to stop:

    • letting pain dictate your life and activities;
    • postural alignment – triggered by your past experiences;
    • being in dis-ease letting a condition own who you are;
    • stress and lack of balance in your life;
    • or many other reasons for pain management that I have helped people with,

I can help you.

I work with you through:
Listening to what is going on for you in order to help you with strategies to change that;

Lifestyle assessment – how did you get to this point; what are your lifestyle goals; manage expectations to give you the best possible solution to your problem; what is important to you;
Movement assessment – Observe, analyze and correct movement patterns for your body;
A realistic, tailored program for Exercise programming;

Support and guidance physically and mentally plus emotionally and at a soul level because each are
connected to how you treat yourself;

Intuitively knowing what you need to guide you to your outcomes faster.
I can work with you one on one, in small groups (up to 6 people) or in large groups (6 to 15 people) depending on your goals, needs and budget.

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