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‘Last year I decided that I needed a new personal trainer, when I exercise this normally involves wearing fewer clothes than I would in public and sweat and tears. I needed someone to steer me through this delicate journey whilst both challenging and supporting what I wanted to achieve.

After much deliberation, Frank’s bio…struck a chord with me. Since beginning this journey and with Frank’s support and encouragement; I’ve met substantial improvements not just to my physical health, but spiritual and emotional well-being. Sometimes when you think that you can’t do something, all it takes is someone else to have the faith in you that you can. I’m slowly beginning to realise that just maybe I can get my life back to some level of control.’

Laura Christopher.

Laura’s success is an inspiration now with a beautiful baby boy.

You may think that your problem is that you need to lose weight or get better mobility or increase your core strength or reduce your stress and anxiety, as I have outlined to help you here. I will definitely work with your physicality to achieve that.

What makes me different is that I also work with you to see what sits behind these problems from a mindset, emotional and soul/spiritual perspective to help you – so the problems I solve for you go beyond what you initially identify.

I have listed the main problems that I help solve for my clients via each tab. Is this you? You are not alone.