About Turn Your Life Around Personal Training & Holistic Health Mentor

Turn Your Life Around Personal Training and Holistic Health was created out of many ‘aha moments’. The most important being my realisation that true change in your body is not about lifting weights and running on a treadmill or totally immersing yourself in a 12 week challenge that is not sustainable to meet some crazy ideal you have about how you should look.

True change comes from understanding what your lifestyle is – what’s important to you – and taking the steps, moment by moment, that work with your emotions, your mindset and your soul so that each one supports the other.

You may think that weight loss is your goal, or mobility, or core strength, or stress reduction – and I will work with your physicality to achieve that. What makes me different is that I also work with you to see what sits behind these problems from a mental, emotional and soul/spiritual perspective to help you.

True change is holistic. Turn Your Life Around Personal Training and Holistic Health combines my expertise – outlined below – with allied health services that I trust and use and that are on call to support you with your moments of transformation, in the areas of your life that you need them.


About Frank Swindells – certified personal trainer and holistic health mentor

My moment of change came from a photo. Of me. That I didn’t recognise. I thought ‘Holy shit’ – I look like an old man! I looked like an 80 year old man from behind and I was only in my 30s. I had to ask to myself ‘How do I not see myself anymore?’ And this is a key question I work with many clients on for their transformations.

This moment, combined with my sister being diagnosed and passing from bowel cancer also my Dad passing from bowel cancer, which is lifestyle related and genetically predisposed in our family, gave me the fear of what might come, to motivate my change.

When I was looking for a personal trainer to help me with my changes, I knew I wanted to work with someone who had walked their talk. Someone who had life experience and had been where I was, in an environment where I was not going to be judged by others when I was trying to change the very body that was getting judged!

It was 2007 when I first worked with a trainer who was a body builder and while we were training, he gave me the knowledge on to lose the weight but not put it back it on. That knowledge was delivered subtly with every session, almost subliminally, and as we were training the message for lifestyle and mindset came across.

The knowledge was about the nutrition but it was more about maintaining a lifestyle and being aware of your mindset from a positive reinforcement. That helped me to not only lose the weight, but become a champion body builder in State competitions and compete at National level.

My decision to achieve personal trainer certification in 2010 was shaped by my first trainer experience and combined with my philosophy of holistic health on an emotional, mental and soul level, drove me to get qualifications of Health and Fitness Certification 3 & 4, Fitness for Boxing Level 1 & 2, Strength & Conditioning Level 1, Kettlebell Level 1 & 2, TRX Level 1 & 2, plus certification through Functional Movement Screening, Animal Flow (movement), Sports Nutrition and experience with Train the Trainer, Leadership Foundations and mentoring with an Exercise Physiologist.

While my certifications will continue to be updated due to the passion I have to share my experience with you, it is these skills that make the most difference to the outcomes for my clients:

  • Creation of a safe experience – a non-threatening, engaging, understanding and comfortable environment so you feel confident and secure to learn and undergo your transformation;
  • Education and support of you to help you with your unique needs, wants and motivations;
  • Empathy and understanding of your journey based on my own experience physically, mentally, emotionally and at a soul level;
  • Listening and being present for you – to offer you physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reliability for you while you commit to changing your health;
  • Intuitively knowing what you need – from a movement and functional perspective based on my observations, experience and training;
  • Discerning where you need support mentally, emotionally and on a soul level in addition to physically to action the changes you want to achieve;
  • Guidance, leadership and care driven by integrity for you to achieve your outcomes faster;
  • Collaboration with other allied health professionals to deliver the best experience, action, achievement and knowledge for you.

My pet hate is challenge programs because they finish without imparting that next step for someone who wants to keep learning, they set unrealistic expectations, they instil a body image that everyone has to be lighter / smaller and I disagree and they can set people up for failure because they don’t learn in a calorie restricted, high cardio environment. Challenges aren’t about sustainable lifestyle change and I am.

Making significant change takes longer but it means that it lasts. By giving you my experience and training, I get you excited and taking action in your life, to help you achieve what you want for your body and yourself so that YOU have the knowledge and the power to keep creating great moments in your life.

I’ve been to both ends of the pendulum, I now live life in balance to the best of my ability.